Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
County - Arlington

William W. Belknap Memorial
William Belknap was a lawyer from Keokuk, Iowa who began the War as a Major in the Iowa 15th. He received a series of promotions and ended as a Major General. He fought in many of the battles in the Western Theater of the War. As a Colonel commanding "Crockers Iowa Brigade" in the Battle of Atlanta, he personally captured a Confederate Colonel. After the War, he became Secretary of War in the Grant Administration but had to resign due to charges of corruption. He remained popular with Veterans and this outstanding monument was erected at Arlington National Cemetery in his honor in 1891, a year after his death. It is located in Section 1 off Humphreys Drive. Photos taken May 16, 2010.

William W. Belknap Memorial William W. Belknap Memorial William W. Belknap Memorial