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County - Washington D.C.

Medal of Honor Recipient James Williamson
Col. Williamson (1829-1902) was the Commander of the 4th Iowa. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading his regiment in an exposed position at Chickasaw Bluffs, near Vicksburg, on December 29, 1862. His unit was not supported by other regiments and Col. Williamson, said to have been wounded 3 times, was eventually able to withdraw the regiment which had suffered severe casualties. He lived in Keokuk County and later moved to Des Moines. After the War, he was involved in the real estate and railroad business. He served as Commissioner of the General Land Office in the Grant Administration and later as President of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad.

He is buried in the historic Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington D.C. The location is in Section E - just across the cemetery road from the Church. Photos taken May 22, 2010.

Medal of Honor Recipient James Williamson Medal of Honor Recipient James Williamson