Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
County - Maramec

Medal of Honor Recipient James Dunlavy
Pvt. James Dunlavy (1844-1923), a member of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry, was awarded the Medal of Honor for capturing Confederate Major General John Marmaduke on October 25, 1864 at the Battle of Mine Creek in Kansas. This was a large scale cavalry battle where both Pvt. Dunlavy and General Marmaduke were somewhat separated from other troops. Both Dunlavy and his horse were wounded but he aimed his carbine at the General and forced him to dismount and march to Union territory as his prisoner. Dunlavy lived in Davis County before the war - then graduated from the Keokuk Medical College in 1870 and practiced medicine in Iowa and Oklahoma. It is said that Dunlavy and Marmaduke corresponded with each other after the war.

He is buried in the IOOF Cemetery south of Maramec, Oklahoma on E0540 Road. The monument is near the west entrance to the cemetery. Photos taken 4/4/09.

Medal of Honor Recipient James Dunlavy Medal of Honor Recipient James Dunlavy