Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
County - Vicksburg

Captain William Titus Rigby Sculpture
William Rigby (1841-1929) was a native of Tipton, Iowa who served in Company B of the Iowa 24th Infantry Regiment. He was a 21 year old Lieutenant during the siege of Vicksburg. Later he was promoted to Captain. He returned to Iowa and became active in veteran's organizations. He became the first resident Commissioner of the Vicksburg National Park in 1899. Captain Rigby is given much credit for his foresight in establishment of the Park. He was particular in making certain that monuments and markers were positioned correctly and invited veterans to return to verify these locations.

The sculpture was completed by Henry H. Kitson in 1928. It is on Union Avenue past the Indiana Monument and before Tour Stop #15. He is buried with his wife Eva in the Vicksburg National Cemetery. See the monument for the Iowa 25th and 31st Infantry Regiments for the location. Photos taken 10/06/08.

Captain William Titus Rigby Sculpture Captain William Titus Rigby Sculpture