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Iowa 12th Infantry Regiment Monument
The Iowa 12th, part of Tuttle's Brigade, was in the middle of the Hornets Nest on April 6, 1862. They held off repeated Confederate attacks throughout the day. The regimental commander, Col. Joseph Woods, reported "Again and again did he attack us, trying vainly to drive us from our position. He failed to move us one inch from our position. On the contrary, we repulsed every attack of the enemy and drove him back in confusion." Later in the afternoon the Confederates flanked and surrounded their position and the Regiment was forced to surrender. Of 479 in the Regiment, 33 were killed or mortally wounded, 59 were wounded and 387 were captured. Of those captured, 33 were wounded and 16 subsequently died as a result of these wounds. A total of 71 died in prison.

One of the members of the regiment was David W. Reed of Allamakee County. He was wounded in the battle. He returned to Iowa and served as a County Recorder and Postmaster at Waukon. He was very active in veterans organizations and in 1895 became the Historian for many years at the Shiloh National Park. He was primarily responsible for marking the positions of regiments and the location of monuments and markers on the battlefield.

The monument was dedicated November 22, 1906. It is located at their position in the Hornets Nest. To reach the monument from Tour Stop #3, walk past the Iowa 2nd and 7th monuments on the Sunken Road - or stop where the Eastern Corinth Road crosses the Sunken Road. Photos taken 9/30/08 and 10/10/10.

Iowa 12th Infantry Regiment Monument Iowa 12th Infantry Regiment Monument