Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
County - Shiloh Battlefield

Iowa 15th Infantry Regiment Monument
The Iowa 15th, commanded by Col. Hugh T. Reid, arrived by riverboat at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee early on the morning of April 6, 1862. Initially they were one of the few regiments in reserve in what became known as the Battle of Shiloh. General Grant decided to put the Iowa 15th and Iowa 16th into a gap in Jones Field.

The monument was dedicated on November 22, 1906. In the speech at the dedication by Major H. C. McArthur, he recounts the march to the front line, "The recollection of that march to this point of attack, is as vivid to my mind as if made but yesterday. We hear again the command of the officers, the roar of distant artillery and musketry; we see dashing orderlies, the rapid advance, the forming line, the charging column, the wounded, the dying, the dead."

The regiment suffered heavy casualties - of 760 engaged, there were 56 killed and mortally wounded and 146 others wounded. This monument marks their position on Jones Field. It is difficult to find. At Tour Stop 12 - look left and you will see the Iowa 16th monument in an open field - then go left or east to find this monument in the woods. Photos taken 4/23/06.

Iowa 15th Infantry Regiment Monument Iowa 15th Infantry Regiment Monument